The art of the brew: The story behind Cambodia’s first nanobrewery

Flowers Nanobrewery isn’t trying to break the Angkor monopoly on the Cambodian beer market, but the one-man, Japanese-run nanobrewery in Kampot is trying to preserve its distinct craft beer creations and identity.

Typically, a brewery will choose to scale-up, not scale-down. Taste is important, but sales are essential. Graduates are hired fresh from college, tasked to think of new, innovative ways to get beer from factory, to tap, to glass, to mouth, as quickly as possible – for as little cost and as many times as possible.

Size matters, too.

In Sihanoukville, Cambrew’s Angkor Brewery can produce up to 12 million hectolitres a year, the distinctive Angkor Wat silhouette adorning many a tap in the Kingdom. Snow Beer, the largest selling beer in the world, sells over 100 million hectolitres every year. Its owner SABMiller boasts that it can fill 12 Olympic sized swimming pools with the amount it sells, every day, for a year.

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