Satica Celebrates Her Hometown With ‘Ode to LBC’: Exclusive

Satica shares her love of her roots in her new music video for “Ode to LBC,” premiering exclusively today (Sept. 19) on Billboard.

The singer-songwriter’s hypnotic anthem to her hometown in Long Beach, California, with a specific focus on Cambodia Town, was released in August on Satica’s seven-track album Dear April, Ily.

“This song is about home and the people there who keep you grounded and centered so for the music video, every location has significance to my life and my upbringing,” says Satica, who is Cambodian-American. “I grew up in a tiny apartment complex with other Cambodian families [and minorities] in which we developed a tight knit community. It was important to show that although we did not have as many resources or material things as more affluent families, the strength in coming together and finding those resources within makes it us beautiful and resilient.”

In full:

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