Rithy Panh Rejoins TikTok Short Film Jury in Cannes

Cambodian auteur Rithy Panh has rejoined the jury that will decide the prizes for Cannes Film Festival’s inaugural TikTok short film competition. Panh resigned as president of the jury two days ago due to concerns over possible influence of the outcome by the organizers. He was followed by two other jurors.

“I recently stepped down from my position as president of the jury, while TikTok seemed to want to influence our decision about prize winners,” Panh told Variety. “Now that it has stated that it will respect the jury’s choice, I have returned.”

Panh said that he had been dealing with the European management of the Chinese-owned social media giant and its French offices. He said that the reassurances he received were in writing, as would be appropriate for something as serious as a Palme at Cannes.

In full: https://variety.com/2022/global/asia/rithy-panh-tiktok-short-film-jury-cannes-1235273290/

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