Resident Nikki Singer At Work In Cambodia Peace Gallery

Newtown High School 2002 graduate Nikki Singer’s current life and work are immersed in the opening of a new gallery devoted to Cambodian recovery from a Communist party reign from 1975 to 1979. In that small stretch of time, several million people died. A quick Google search for Cambodia brings readers immediately to the result: Cambodian genocide. Viewing information about the mass-deaths brings readers to the name Khmer Rouge, the regime responsible for the genocide.

Living in Cambodia for the past five years, Ms Singer has been heavily involved with, and is now director of The Cambodia Peace Gallery in Battambang, which just opened on October 23, 2018. The gallery/museum is run by the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. She has had a hand in “all aspects of the project — coordinating renovations of the museum site (a former countryside school and community development centre), researching and designing the exhibitions, collecting archives and materials, and developing peace education programs for university students at the museum,” she said.

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