‘Pol Pot Dancing’: Cambodia’s Dictator Tried To Wipe Out Classical Dance, But His Foster Mom Saved It

In one of the most compelling films to hold its world premiere at the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, archive footage shows an apparently amiable man dressed in black sitting for an interview with a Yugoslav journalist. The year is approximately 1977.

“Comrade, you are the first person to hear my biography,” the man says with a warm laugh.

The man is Pol Pot, the Cambodian dictator then in the middle of his four-year genocidal reign of terror atop his country, a period in which a quarter of the Cambodia’s population perished.

In full: https://deadline.com/2024/03/pol-pot-dancing-thessaloniki-international-documentary-festival-director-enrique-sanchez-lansch-interview-1235855781/

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