Meet Thailand’s Hottest TikTok Star: A Cambodian Migrant Worker

Posing against a tin shack in street fashion attire, lip piercings, and anime-style dyed hair, a young Cambodian construction worker lipsyncs to Thai, Laotian, and Cambodian songs.

Meet “Kaew,” the top trending star on TikTok right now. His account, @Sartsart555, has skyrocketed to viral fame since he posted a video Monday of himself lipsyncing to a Vietnamese singer’s Thai version of his hit. Yes, we’re as confused as you are.

Kaew currently has more than 1.9 million followers on his TikTok. He first joined the social media app in April 2020, his schtick mostly consists of himself lipsyncing to Thai songs, K-pop hits, as well as pop songs from the ASEAN region.

In full:

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