Long Lost Gawthrop [Korea] / Drug Noose [Cambodia] Split Records Finally Show Up

Korean sludge band Gawthrop and Cambodian band Drug Noose‘s split record has finally landed in Singapore safely in the hands of Vanilla Thunder Records. One listen to the Gawthrop tracks on this will show you why this is a big deal…

According to Vanilla Thunder Records, “This was supposed to be a May release, but shipment from Canada went on a world tour then back to Canada before it arrived here a couple of days ago. The covers are all printed and ready to go since June, but better late than never, they’re finally here and ready to put pain into your lives. 2 heavy hitters from Gawthrop, slow but heavy as fuck! A track by Drug Noose from Cambodia, a hybrid of slow, weird, experimental track.”

In full: https://uniteasia.org/long-lost-gawthrop-korea-drug-noose-cambodia-split-records-finally-show/

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