How US Olympic diver Jordan Windle went from a Cambodian orphanage to the Tokyo Games

Windle, 22, credits his adoptive father with helping him achieve his Olympic dream. He and Jerry, who is gay, co-wrote a book on the challenges they faced. American Olympic legend and LGBTI activist Greg Louganis describes Windle as ‘determined and dedicated’.

American diving legend Greg Louganis remembers the first time he met Jordan Windle, the 22-year-old who is the first diver of Cambodian descent to compete in an Olympic Games.

It was at a sushi restaurant, recalled Louganis, now 61. Doodling on a notepad, a young Windle asked: “Mr Louganis, what do you do when the other divers talk smack about you?”

Recounting the episode to This Week in Asia, Louganis, an LGBTI activist and holder of five Olympic medals, replied: “I take it as a compliment, because if they are talking smack about me, they must see me as a threat. I don’t see myself as much of a threat, but if they feel they have to do that, I must be pretty good.”

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