How to Make A Wild Hog Trap With A Snare

This wild pig snare seems to work pretty well in the Youtube video by Cambodia Trap Daily. The entire video is incredibly entertaining from start to finish.

In the video, a Cambodian boy, who goes by the name of strong boy, catches a wild piglet for a pet by making a simple little snare trap to just gently catch the piglet’s hoof with a string while the piggy grazes on leaves until the boy returns.

The little piglet is so cute and only gently gets snared by strong boy and then in the end, strong boy goes back to check his snare and gently cuddles his new friend. It was absolutely mesmerizing to see the cute piglet wagging his little tail to and fro and you could tell he was a very sweet and gentle animal, my heart really went out to him.

In full:

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