How to Eat Your Way Through Phnom Penh, According to a Chef Rotanak Ros

The Cambodian celeb chef known as Chef Nak shares her recipe for an invigorating weekend in the cradle of Khmer cuisine.

Best known in Phnom Penh as Chef Nak, Rotanak Ros has spent over a decade traveling around Cambodia, recovering, preserving, and spotlighting traditional Khmer recipes.

The richness of the region’s cuisine, which she says comprises “at least a thousand dishes” from over a thousand years of history, collides in one place: her hometown of Phnom Penh (say it: “pa-nom penn”).

“This is not just the hub for art or culture,” says Ros. “This is the place where everyone comes for a better life—and when they come from different parts of Cambodia, they bring their food.”

In full:

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