How Anti-Archive, a young set of filmmakers, is changing the face of Cambodian cinema

Set up in 2014, the company is a veritable hothouse for emerging Cambodian talent, with their work celebrated around the world

Often, in discussions about Southeast Asian cinema, Cambodia is overlooked, or pauses at the oeuvre of the country’s living master Rithy Panh. Now, Panh’s work is justly celebrated. Having seen his family suffer under the brutal Khmer Rouge in the 1970s, Panh became a well-known chronicler of the regime’s atrocities. Take a look at some of his recent work, his 2013 film The Missing Picture won the Un Certain Regard award at Cannes, and also scored an Oscar nomination. He served as a producer on First They Killed My Father (2017), directed by Angelina Jolie, while Graves Without A Name was Cambodia’s entry to the Oscars last year.

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