Honey Cocaine’s Unexpected Cambodian Canadian Life Story

The Toronto rapper embraces a patois-inflected “bad gal” image to tell a deeply personal story about historical violence.

Toronto rapper Honey Cocaine may not be a household name in hip-hop (yet). But, despite the lack of mainstream commercial success, Honey Cocaine—stage name of Canadian-born Sochitta Sal—has gained attention for her style, which features “braggadocio, assured confidence, and swagger,” notes Kenneth Chan.

All that, even while she also controversially borrows language from Jamaican patois and makes liberal use of the n-word in her rapping.

As such, Chan asks: “What does Honey Cocaine’s appropriation and performance of Blackness and the ‘bad gal’ seek to accomplish, and what does it reveal about her position as a Cambodian diasporic subject?”

In full: https://daily.jstor.org/honey-cocaines-unexpected-cambodian-canadian-life-story/

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