Following the Mekong River while riding a scooter

We stare at each other, heads turned in mutual curiosity.

A group of children, riding bikes so outsized they can barely touch the pedals, sing a giggling chorus of “hello!” as we pass. A pony sporting a bristling manicured mane trots along towing a man on a wooden cart, whip held lazily aloft in his hand. He grins widely, nods low. A woman dressed in black pyjamas walks balancing a sheaf of hay atop her head, returning to her humped cattle which sit tethered beneath her wooden shack. We slow down, cruise, soak it in. Travelling a dirt road on a scooter, lost on the banks of the Mekong.

The Mekong River literally defines mainland Southeast Asia. Flowing over 4000km from the glaciers of the Tibetan plateau, the river goes on to form the borders of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos, before flowing through Cambodia and fanning out in the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam.

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