Distillation of sounds: Dirty Merlin releases album inspired by the bustle of Cambodia Town

Holed up in a studio, hunched over a desk, fiddling with synthesizers and instruments, producing electronic music can be a solitary business. Working and reworking your compositions, listening to the same bits of sound over and over for hours, hoping inspiration strikes and if it does, you’ll be able to make something of it.

Returning from a long walk from the beach, taking Cherry Avenue back up to his home, Benny Edles sat down at his studio and pieced together the song, “When I Get to Heaven,” the fourth and final track on his newest album, 15th & Cherry. He worked from an idea, a feeling of being surrounded but also isolated, removed, safe.

“I’m kind of walled off in my little house, surrounded by these big walls, but I hear lots of stuff, tons of people interacting all around me,” the 31-year-old said. “So [15th & Cherry] is kind of just me filtering all those interactions I hear around me, the bustle of Cherry Ave and the neighborhood, the parking lot next to me, the local store and market where everyone’s always hanging out, endless tailgate party people just chillin’.”

In full: https://lbpost.com/hi-lo/distillation-of-sounds-dirty-merlin-releases-album-inspired-by-the-bustle-of-cambodia-town

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