Designer Eric Raisina: The Emperor of Silk

Renowned internationally for showcasing his love for Khmer silks, Siem Reap-based Madagascan haute textile designer ERIC RAISINA has become a formidable presence over the last two decades.

Vibrant colour and Khmer silk form the bedrock of Eric Raisina’s signature style, blending Madagascan and Cambodian influences into visually stunning creations.

His deep admiration for the ancient Khmer silk technique drives him to incorporate traditional textiles, patterns, and floral motifs into his designs, adding a unique and captivating twist. His collections embrace cultural diversity and weave together vibrant hues, intricate crochet, African elements, and Khmer silk. Eric Raisina’s discerning clientele appreciates the luxurious uniqueness of his creations, placing them alongside renowned luxury brands like Chanel and Christian Dior.

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