‘Dear Kobe’ – the True Story of Survival and Escape as Former Cambodian Army Spy Sid Sean and His Family Eluded the Murderous Khmer Rouge

It’s all in the new non-fiction book titled ‘Dear Kobe,’ where 75-year-old Sidoeun Sean tells his dramatic story in a letter to his little son, Kobe. Kobe, at age seven, loves his grownup siblings, his father’s first family. But he knows little of the life they experienced during those years when a quarter of Cambodia’s population was murdered. One day, he will want to know where his family came from and what their life was like when they came to the United States as refugees. This is that story.

In full: https://menafn.com/1099047636/Dear-Kobethe-True-Story-of-Survival-and-Escape-as-Former-Cambodian-Army-Spy-Sid-Sean-and-His-Family-Eluded-the-Murderous-Khmer-Rouge

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