Cambodia’s best national parks offer wild adventures

Cambodia is world-famous for its ancient temples, but the country also has an extensive system of national parks and protected areas, covering around 40% of the country and providing a vital haven for a vast variety of wildlife.

Sprawling over 4104 sq km (1584 sq miles), Southern Cardamom National Park is the largest protected area in Cambodia and it forms part of the vast, magnificent Cardamom Rainforest Landscape, which encompasses 11 contiguous reserves covering more than 20,000 sq km (7722 sq miles) of the southwest.

Other national parks that see plenty of visitors include Phnom Kulen National Park near Siem Reap, Bokor National Park near Kampot, and Kep National Park near Kep. Many Cambodians have taken the opportunity to get back to nature during the COVID-19 pandemic, and trekking and camping in the national parks have really taken off, particularly in Kirirom National Park and the Cardamom Mountains.

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