Cambodia: from tenth-century temples to mid-century modern

A luxury Cambodian itinerary with a fascinating architectural thread.

I am standing alone inside the semi-ruins of Ta Nei temple, soaking up the majestic surroundings that are made all the more mesmerising by the jungle dawn chorus above and the rhythmical sound of leaf-sweepers outside. It is the second stop on our vespa tour of Angkor – once the capital of the Khmer Empire and now Asia’s largest and most breathtaking archeological site.

The first stop was “Tomb Raider temple” Ta Prohm, known for its tentacle-like strangler fig roots that have steadily wrapped around the stone remains since the complex was abandoned in the 15th century. Both temples have left me speechless; despite the 5am start I feel inspired and galvanised, with a renewed sense of wonder for the world.

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