Artist’s Live Installation Inspired by City’s Architecture

Kong Vollak expects to be tangled in steel wires and wrestling with plaster as he spends the next month working on his newest installation, “Silhouettes of Tomorrowland.”

The live installation, which Mr. Vollak began on Friday at The Asia Foundation’s Community Art Gallery in Phnom Penh, is accompanied by a display of Mr. Vollak’s prints.

“My inspiration is the buildings, the messy wires,” the soft-spoken printmaker and sculptor said on Thursday.

“I want to show the audience, especially students, how artists do their work and the process they create,” he added.

Born in Phnom Penh in 1983, Mr. Vollak graduated from the Royal University of Fine Arts in 2006.

He now teaches art at the Phnom Penh Regional Teacher Training Center.

“This time I want something changing,” he said. “I do the building from the ceiling to the floor.”

The interactive project is the gallery’s latest step in its exploration of urban design, a theme that stems from The Asia Foundation’s project on solid waste management in the capital, according to gallery director Chheng Makara.

“We try to get the public discussion going around what is development in the city and how it affects everybody,” he said.

Mr. Vollak plans to finish his installation by February 16, and the exhibition will be on display until April 14.

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