Are there some destinations in the world we should simply not visit?

Ethical is the new buzzword for consumers, but how can we travel responsibly?

When it comes to travelling the world, the classic fantasy is spinning a globe at random or throwing a pin on a map, then gallivanting off to wherever the wind and your whims take you.

Of course, that’s not how anyone plans in real life. So how do we actually arrive at the holiday choices we make? Some jaunts are easily decided upon. Seeking sun? Book a week in Lanzarote. Kids? Camping in France. Romance? Paris it is. You get the picture.

Some of us keep a bucket list of ultimate destinations, ticking off adventurous icons like the Taj Mahal or Mount Kilimanjaro. Others have a fantasy honeymoon in mind like the Maldives, spotted on Instagram’s explore page. The world is everyone’s oyster when it comes to dreaming, after all.

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