Angelina Jolie on Her Parenting Style, Being Unpopular in School, and Dealing with Her Emotional Scars

In a detailed interview with Harper's Bazaar, Angelina Jolie also spilled the beans on her Cambodian citizenship and her home in the Southeast Asian nation.

As we wrap up 2019, and look ahead to 2020, Harper’s BAZAAR chose Angelina Jolie to grace our final issue of the year because quite simply, there’s no one else like her. Jolie has spent nearly 20 years with the UN Refugee Agency fighting for the rights and freedoms of displaced people, and over 10 years funding schools for girls from Afghanistan to Kenya to Cambodia. She is a Visiting Professor in Practice at the London School of Economics, educating students on peace and security and the fight for women’s rights internationally. She champions women’s health—in particular, treatment for cancer—with honesty and openness about her own health experiences in years past.

In full:

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