800-year-old statue was missing its head — until now. See the find in Cambodia

Archaeologists uncovered the missing head of an 800-year-old statue at a dramatic gateway leading into the iconic Angkor Wat complex.

Standing in front of an 800-year-old gateway in Cambodia, visitors are likely drawn to the massive stone sculpture that surrounds the simple rectangular gate. After all, this is the centerpiece of the structure.

But to reach it, visitors must pass 108 stone statues that flank the walkway. One of these ancient statues has been sitting there headless — perhaps not for much longer.

Archaeologists started excavating Angkor Thom’s Victory Gate ahead of a restoration project, the APSARA National Authority said in a May 15 news release. Built in the 12th century, this massive entranceway is one of five gates that lead into a temple complex that includes the iconic Angkor Wat site.

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