15 of the best things to do in Cambodia and Vietnam

From watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat to cruising the Mekong River, here's how to cover the best bits of Cambodia and Vietnam.

Taking a train through postcard horizons of paddy fields. Tasting the fire of sizzling street food. Sorting that stylish tailor-made suit. Want to turn your Far East fantasies into reality by visiting Vietnam and Cambodia? Start right here. They’re easy to travel to — and travel through — and there’s never been a better time to visit. Here are the must sees, the maybes, and a few surprises…

1 Watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat

First comes the chorus of the birds across Siem Reap. Then the dark sky brightens, silhouetting the serrated stupas of Angkor Wat on the horizon. And then the sun breaks, the day warms, butterflies fill the air and the fatigue of that 4.30am start fades from your mind. Angkor Wat is as ancient as the great cathedrals of Europe, part of a ruined city nearly twice the size of modern Edinburgh, protected by a forest park. You’ll need at least two days here — and it’s really worth waking early on both. On the first day, join the throng at the West Gate for that iconic silhouette view. Next day, go to the East Gate to see the morning light burnish the temples. For a magical half hour, you’ll almost have the buildings to yourself.

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