Quarantine in the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital

After coming down with a fever three weeks ago, an expat was admitted to Phnom Penh's Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital. In the second of our personal essays looking at life during COVID-19, we publish their account of life inside a Cambodian government quarantine.

For the first few days, you don’t think you’ll be here very long – and then you’re just stuck in a room. After that first wave of very painful experiences, things got better and you get used to it. You feel some sort of acceptance and indifference, you make a routine.

From when I first got here, things went well for a while until four new people came in. There are only 10 beds here in one big room. First, we were three, then five and then nine before they brought in an older foreign tourist with severe symptoms.

His oxygen saturation level was flashing red on the machine, the doctors told us he had a very high viral load and that we should stay away from him, and wear masks at all times.

In full: https://southeastasiaglobe.com/cambodia-coronavirus-quarantine/

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