Michigan Family That Was Stuck On Cruise Ship Still In Cambodia Over Coronavirus Concerns

They were able to disembark a cruise ship in Cambodia after roughly two weeks.

Frustration is growing for a southeastern Michigan man and his family, as they are stuck in Cambodia due to coronavirus concerns.

Steve Muth of Onsted in Lenanwee County, along with his wife, daughter and her boyfriend, embarked on a cruise aboard the Westerdam in early February, only to be stuck aboard the ship for roughly two weeks, as ports throughout Asia denied entry to the ship over concerns of the spreading virus.

Now that the ship his finally docked and deboarded in Cambodia, their flights home have been canceled after a passenger tested positive for the virus. Muth and his family have been holed up at a hotel in the Cambodian capital of Phomn Penh for several days and he says he has no clue when they might finally get to come home.

In full: https://wwjnewsradio.radio.com/articles/news/michigan-family-still-stuck-in-cambodia-over-fears-of-corona

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