Garment Workers Concerned Over Potential Coronavirus Spread in Crowded Factories

As of Monday morning, there were 86 confirmed cases, with the last 10 days registering at least 80 of those cases.

At 11:30 a.m. in Kandal’s Takmao district, garment workers, many with surgical masks covering their faces, are streaming out of a factory during their lunch break. As they pass the factory gate, they wash their hands with alcohol, repeating the safety measure when they return.

Buying rice outside the factory, Sae Vuthy, who sews garments, said the factory was providing alcohol to sanitize their hands, checking their temperatures and has even given them masks to wear on the factory floor. Factory managers had instructed them to maintain hygiene standards, she added.

“We were told to wear a mask often and to not go anywhere there was no sanitation,” she said.

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