‘Covid-19 exposes the great inequality in Cambodian water access’

While Covid-19 has been labelled the 'great leveller' by many due to the diverse nature of those infected, Horn Chanvoitey of Cambodian think-tank Future Forum argues that it exposes one of the Kingdom's great inequalities: access to clean water.

hroughout this ongoing pandemic, the promotion of thorough hand washing has been at the forefront of the majority of Covid-19 awareness campaigns, policies, and coverage.

Among these has been the World Health Organization, who have emphasised the need to clean hands to prevent infection through “thorough” washing with soap and water, or the use of alcohol-based handrub where soap or water is unavailable.

But how to adhere to this advice when the world’s poorest, including in Cambodia, face water shortages generally, as well as an acute shortage of clean water?

In full: https://southeastasiaglobe.com/cambodian-water-access-covid/

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