Coronavirus: Few Cases and No Deaths Seeds Optimism in Cambodia

So far, Cambodia has identified 110 Coronavirus-infected persons. Cambodia has been able to prevent both foreign and domestic outbreaks.

Over the last few days, the Cambodian Ministry of Health has reported a significant number of recoveries from the COVID-19 disease. On Thursday, the Ministry announced that nine patients had recovered from the disease while 19 had been diagnosed. The number of new cases in some days not available.

Only a few new cases have been identified. On Wednesday, the Ministry announced that no new cases had been identified, but two had been recovered. In the week since March 27, Cambodia has found only seven new COVID-19 patients, according to a graphic produced by the Ministry of Health. So far, Cambodia has identified 110 Coronavirus-infected persons. The number of those who recovered was 34, and 76 patients are still receiving treatment.

Given this figure, the number of people who recovered is about one-third of the total. The number of new cases reported daily is small, with the exception of up to 33 cases in Sihanoukville. This shows that Cambodia has so far managed to take control of the COVID-19 infections well, and may be the key to success.

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