Cambodian healthcare will be overwhelmed by outbreak

As Covid-19 cases rise, healthcare systems in the most developed nations have struggled to cope. Horn Chanvoitey of Future Forum warns that Cambodia's chronically underfunded healthcare system will also be overwhelmed if an outbreak occurs.

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise globally, the disease is set to strain public health systems in developed and developing countries alike. Soaring death tolls in countries like Spain, Italy, and Iran reveal that the systems that are currently in place around the world are not ready for this challenge. In that regard, Cambodia may have a daunting road ahead.

Much attention has been paid to the immediate impact Covid-19 is having on Cambodia’s economy. As the timeline for the crisis stretches on, the cost to Cambodia will also rise. But, we must not lose sight of an equally pressing problem – the capacity of Cambodia’s healthcare system to effectively deal with this disease.

This will be a defining moment for the country’s health institutions, which are at the moment, scrambling to gather experts and supplies.

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