World’s biggest freshwater fish caught by Cambodian in the Mekong River

The stingray measures almost 4 metres (13 feet) from snout to tail and weighs about 300kg (660lbs). ‘That the fish can still get this big is a hopeful sign’, as the waterway faces many environmental challenges, scientist said.

The world’s largest recorded freshwater fish, a giant stingray, has been caught in the Mekong River in Cambodia, according to scientists from the Southeast Asian nation and the United States.

The stingray, captured on June 13, measured almost four meters (13 feet) from snout to tail and weighed slightly under 300 kilos (660lbs), according to a statement Monday by Wonders of the Mekong, a joint Cambodian-US research project.

The previous record for a freshwater fish was a 293-kilo (646-pound) Mekong giant catfish, discovered in Thailand in 2005, the group said.

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