Tackling plastic pollution for communities and coral reefs in coastal Cambodia

Take a moment to imagine yourself on a sun-kissed beach on Koh Rong, watching the sea foam onto the white sand and hearing the gentle rustle of tropical rainforest behind you. The stunning beaches and vibrant marine biodiversity of Koh Rong and Cambodia’s other islands may be precious, but not all is idyllic. With each rising tide, waves of bottles, bags and other waste wash up on the shoreline, a symptom of the estimated eight million tons of plastic that seep into global oceans each year—the equivalent of over 26,000 Boeing 747 airplanes. This issue is affecting marine ecosystems from the Coral Triangle to the Arctic Circle, and Cambodia is by no means immune from this global scourge.

In full: https://phys.org/news/2019-06-tackling-plastic-pollution-coral-reefs.html

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