Report shows 100,000 hectares of forest lost in Prey Lang

The Prey Lang Protected Area has lost more than 100,000 hectares of forest between 2000 and 2019, more than half of which became plantations, according to a report released August 10 by the NGO Jesuit Service Cambodia’s Ecology Program and the Cambodian Youth Network.

To determine forest loss and recovery over the nearly two decade period, the Technical Report on Forest-Cover Change Detection in the Prey Land Protected Area of Cambodia compared satellite images, which showed that 58,138 hectares of forest was converted into plantations and 43,188 hectares became “non-forest.”

“102,436 hectares of forest became barren or were converted into crops, plantations, and human settlement areas during that time period,” the report says. “This number of hectares represents around 24% of the total land area of Prey Lang, making it a very significant phenomenon.”

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