Mondulkiri Official Removed from Post due to Illegal Forest Occupation

Despite his involvement in illegal activities, Sin Vanvuth has reportedly been transferred from his district governorship to the Ministry of Interior.

The Cambodian government has removed Sin Vanvuth as the governor of Kaoh Nheaek District in Mondulkiri Province after he was found to be involved in illegal encroachment on state land. However, rather than face punishment, Vanvuth has been handed a new position at the Ministry of Interior.

Spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, Kiev Sopheak confirmed that Vanvuth has been transferred to work at the Ministry of Interior following his forestry crimes. Sopheak went on to say that Vanvuth other officials involved in the land encroachments will face administrative punishments.

After an inter-ministerial working group had studied the case against Vanvuth, they found that he involved in illegal forest land occupation and the encroachment of protected areas in Mondulkiri Province. The inter-ministerial working group was established in July 2020 by Interior Minister Sar Kheng to study forestry crimes in protected areas of Mondulkiri Province.

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