‘Mangroves are life’: the female conservationists rewilding the Cambodian coast

Mangrove forests have disappeared at an alarming rate in Cambodia, where climate-conscious women are trying to turn the tide.

When storms whip up the waves, sending white horses charging to the shore, mangrove forests are often the first line of defence for coastal communities in the tropics.

And with the climate crisis making the weather ever more volatile, people living in these coastal communities are waking up to the benefits of mangrove forests, which also provide a habitat for fish and other marine species.

“Mangroves are life. Without mangroves, there is no biodiversity, and our fishermen will lose their income,” explains Varou Mat, a schoolteacher and mother of three from Kampot Province, southern Cambodia.

In full: https://www.positive.news/environment/the-female-conservationists-rewilding-the-cambodian-coast/

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