Looking on the bright side: How solar can shore up Cambodia’s energy needs

When it comes to quick, clean and scalable solutions to Cambodia’s energy dreams, a recent surge in investment in solar power is promising a pathway to prosperity.

Cambodia has more to fear than most nations from the impending climate crisis. A 2015 United Nations report predicted that Cambodia would be the world’s ninth-most vulnerable nation for natural disasters brought on by rising temperatures – mainly in the form of the droughts and floods that have become an all-too-common occurrence in the Kingdom, costing lives and livelihoods every year.

And even when it’s not a matter of life and death, the stakes are still high. Last dry season, Cambodia was rocked by rolling blackouts brought on by low water in the hydrodam reservoirs and higher than expected electricity demands from new developments. In total, Cambodia was short 400MW. For the countless small business owners as well as larger manufacturers driving Cambodia’s booming economy, the losses were incalculable.

In full: https://southeastasiaglobe.com/how-solar-can-shore-up-cambodias-energy-needs/

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