H&M Group, WWF team on AI solution to tackle Cambodia deforestation

The WoodAI, artificial intelligence (AI) application, a collaboration on innovative tech development between H&M Group and WWF in Cambodia, has been launched to support garment and textile factories reduce their potential contribution to deforestation.

The WoodAI App can quickly identify wood species and can further support garment factories in tackling the lack of information around biomass sourcing. The app enables wood species to be identified using only a smartphone and a macro lens, at the factory gate, helping factories to verify that the wood they source for power generation is from H&M Group-approved residues of plantation species like mango and cashew, which are less likely to contribute to deforestation.

“WWF’s mission in Cambodia is to conserve the country’s rich biological diversity. The forests of Cambodia remain relatively contiguous and contain a large diversity of threatened species. Therefore, we lookout for new and innovative technology like this WoodAI app, as it can play a role in helping to address some of the pressures threatening our natural forests,” says Mr Seng Teak, country director of WWF-Cambodia.

In full: https://www.just-style.com/news/hm-group-wwf-team-on-ai-solution-to-tackle-cambodia-deforestation/

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