From city boy to protector of Cambodia’s largest dry forest

Rangers like Mr. Sin Satha from the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia put themselves at great risks to help save the ecosystems that Cambodia’s threatened wildlife calls home, and that communities depend on for their livelihoods. This year, WWF is proud to present Mr. Satha the Dr Rimington Award for exceptional contributions to the conservation of wild tigers. This is his story.

The largest intact dry forests in Indochina lie in Mondulkiri province, in northeastern Cambodia in an area known as the Eastern Plains Landscape (EPL). WWF supports the management of two protected areas: Srepok and Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuaries, covering almost 6,000 square kilometres and home to globally endangered wildlife such as the Asian elephant, Indochinese Leopard, Giant Ibis, White-shoulder Ibis, Green Peafowl and Siamese Crocodile. Once home to tigers, it has been designated by WWF and the Royal government of Cambodia as a priority site for a tiger reintroduction programme.

Crucial to protecting this area is the law enforcement team consisting of the Ministry of Environment’s rangers, local authorities and communities. And among the committed, passionate and well-trained guardians of nature is Mr. Sin Satha.

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