Cambodia needs solar to drive down electricity prices

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has issued a request for proposal to select consultancy companies for the development of a “full economical appraisal of the potentials of solar PV energy in Cambodia”.

The UNDP stresses in the document that the costs of PV have fallen 83% in ten years, and a further 70% drop is expected by 2050, adding: “The technical feasibility of solar power is further strengthened by the complementary fall in the price of battery storage, which has progressively become a solution for the variability issues inherent to modern forms of renewable energies.”

Cambodia’s power demand is met by hydro and coal, which account for 40% and 36% of the electricity supply, respectively. Another 19% is met from electricity imports. “Clearly these sources have major environmental implications and hidden costs – nationally, regionally, and globally,” the UNDP says.

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