Action needed now to reduce Phnom Penh’s floods

Climate change, rapid development and poor planning have all contributed to the flooding problem.

Don’t let the humorous memes featuring soggy commuters trudging through water-laden Phnom Penh streets fool you; urban flooding is a serious problem, and one that receives regular discussion but sparks little concrete action.

Typically, if flooding in Cambodia is discussed at all, it’s brought up in relation to its rural impacts. Rural flooding affects large swaths of agricultural land and homes and threatens the incomes of these communities. Urban flooding, by comparison, gets relatively little coverage despite the large number of people affected and the damage to property it causes.

One aspect that makes urban flooding so problematic is how unpredictable it can be, with sudden heavy downpours swamping many communities in Phnom Penh, and rendering roads impassable. Just recently, for example, after a heavy deluge, there was flooding in Por Senchey district’s Kakap commune.

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