The Kep woman using education to inspire change in Cambodia

In Cambodia's Kep province, Phou Mom has shaken up the education system in recent decades. Her efforts inspired generations of the Kingdom's female students, including Vannet Neak, today a school director who is trailblasing a path of her own.

Phou Mom’s ability to put up or shut up during Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime most likely saved her life and the lives of her two children. However, since the fall of the brutal regime, she’s done anything but and has made a name for herself as a woman demanding more, advocating for quality education and leading by example for many of the province’s female teachers.

Mom’s also been a tireless advocate for early childhood education and has championed the construction of new and better school facilities for students of all ages across the province.

A quick visit to Mom’s neighbouring villages and districts demonstrates there are more schools reporting greater female attendance than ever before. Since Mom began developing early childhood care and education in the area, there are new opportunities for women to train as preschool teachers.

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