Cambodia continues to block memorial activities honoring murdered political analyst Kem Ley

A man confessed to the murder and was convicted, but few believe that story.

Individuals and groups were blocked by police and local authorities in Cambodia from holding activities commemorating the fourth anniversary of the death of political analyst Kem Ley.

Kem Ley was killed at a gas station on July 10, 2016. Many suspect the murder was linked to his work as a commentator and political analyst. He was murdered days after he gave a radio interview about a Global Witness report detailing corruption under the Hun Sen government, which has ruled the country since 1985.

The man convicted of the murder said that he killed Kem Ley because the latter owed him money. But civil society groups have raised doubts about the investigation and trial and insist that the perpetrators of the crime have yet to be held accountable.

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