Pence Speech Marks ‘Major Political Milestone’ in US-China Ties: Analysts

A speech by U.S. vice-president Mike Pence outlining the Trump administration’s “new approach” to China may not herald a new cold war, but is a belated recognition of the intentions of President Xi Jinping’s administration, Chinese commentators said on Friday.

“The United States of America has adopted a new approach to China,” Pence announced in a speech on Thursday to U.S. think-tank the Hudson Institute, promising renewed resistance in Washington to Beijing’s “authoritarian expansionism” since the ruling Chinese Communist Party took power in 1949.

Pence said previous U.S. administrations had chosen engagement with China in the hope of encouraging growing freedom in the country, including a more liberal economy, respect for private property, religious freedom, and human rights. “But that hope has gone unfulfilled,” he said.

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