Future Still Uncertain For Chinese Refugees in Taiwan, Thailand

A U.S.-based activist from a banned pro-democracy party has flown out to Taiwan to assist authorities in assessing the political asylum application of two Chinese nationals stranded in an airport on the democratic island after fleeing Beijing’s influence in Thailand.

Yan Kefen (also known as Yan Bojun) and Liu Xinglian were placed in an airside hotel in Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport last week pending their application, but were later evicted after being unable to pay for their rooms. They are now camped out in a passenger lounge sleeping in reclining chairs and eating simple takeout meals.

“We are still awaiting a decision on our immigration status from various quarters,” Yan told RFA on Tuesday. “Now that we have fled here, we would like to either gain political asylum or to be accepted for resettlement by a third country.”

Read the full story: https://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/future-still-uncertain-for-chinese-refugees-10092018101625.html

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