Four Still Held For Subversion Over Tiananmen Massacre Liquor

Two years after their initial detention, authorities in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan are still holding four people for selling and promoting bottles of liquor marking the bloody military crackdown on the student-led democracy movement of 1989.

Teahouse proprietor Fu Hailu was taken away by police in the provincial capital Chengdu in May 2016, after they marketed the alcohol, which bore the words “June 4, 1989” and a cartoon of a man in front of an advancing column of tanks on the label. The label also says “Never forget, never give up.”

According to another slogan on the bottle, the baijiu spirit had “matured for 27 years,” the length of time since People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops put an end to weeks of student protests on Tiananmen Square, using tanks and machine guns on largely unarmed civilians.

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