Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Likens Alleged U.S. Interference in Hong Kong to ‘Color Revolutions’

Phnom Penh – The Chinese Embassy in Phnom Penh on Friday accused the United States of interfering and, in certain cases, abetting the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, likening the alleged meddling to Cambodian complaints of U.S. interference in domestic affairs.

Chinese Ambassador Wang Wentian released a statement on Friday thanking Cambodia for its support of China’s core interests, while asserting that U.S. lawmakers were inciting the protestors. The accusation was made a day after the U.S. said it “is extremely concerned” about the critical situation in Hong Kong.

“The disgraceful role played by the US in the violence in Hong Kong reminds me of the ‘color revolutions’ in some countries in the Eastern Europe, the Central Africa and Asia,” Wang Wentian’s statement reads.

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