Cambodia Must Investigate Drone Crash Amid Report of Secret Visit by Chinese Military: Analyst

Cambodia’s government should launch a “full investigation” into a mysterious drone crash nearly three weeks ago in Koh Kong province, a regional analyst said Wednesday, following media reports that a team of Chinese military officials made a secret visit to the country ahead of the incident.

On Jan. 17, a Chinese-designed Cai Hong-92A (CH-92A) military surveillance drone, with a maximum range of 250 kilometers (155 miles) and up to 10 hours of flight time, crashed in Kiri Sakor district’s Koh Sdach commune, according to local media.

Cambodia’s Air Force denied any knowledge of the vehicle after the crash, and weeks later there remains little clarity about the origin of the drone and who may have been operating it to survey the country’s southern coast. While China has sold surveillance drones to a number of countries, it has never officially sold one to Cambodia.

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