A Chinese takeaway in Cambodia

The scale of Beijing's investment onslaught is leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Rarely have Beijing and its minions been seen in such a dreadful light. The arrival of mainland Chinese in their droves as developers, financiers, restaurateurs, boiler room operators, gamblers, construction workers and tourists is sorely testing the patience of locals in Cambodia.

Even Cambodia’s government-compliant press is picking up the baton. ‘Chinese behaving badly’ is the stuff of daily headlines, particularly in the southern port town of Sihanoukville where Beijing’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are investing heavily.

Pristine beaches and rainforests are being carved up by big business, driving up property prices that locals can ill afford, amid stories of Cambodians being denied access to their own seaside and Chinese gangs acting as debt collectors, bullying people into selling their homes, and thugs in search of easy targets.

Read the full story: https://international.la-croix.com/news/a-chinese-takeaway-in-cambodia/8537

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