A Chinese Naval Base in Cambodia Signals a New Era of Competition in the Asia-Pacific Region

In October 2020, satellite photos showed that the Cambodian government had demolished two American-built facilities at the Southeast Asian nation’s Ream Naval Base—despite Washington offering to renovate them.

On June 9, China is set to break ground on a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) naval facility at the same base, according to reports first published in the Washington Post. It’s a clear sign of Beijing’s increasingly robust power projection in the Asia-Pacific as it seeks to counter a U.S. policy of containment.

Chinese and Cambodian officials have denied that there will be a permanent PLA presence at Ream. But the Post says a Beijing official has confirmed that the Chinese military, and Chinese scientists, will use a “portion” of the base.

In full: https://time.com/6185021/china-cambodia-ream-naval-base/

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