Thursday, September 24, 2020

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CDC: Westerdam passenger ‘never had coronavirus to our knowledge’ after cruise ship chaos

After chaos for a cruise ship of passengers and crew, an 83-year-old American woman who was said to have tested positive for coronavirus in Malaysia "never had coronavirus to our knowledge," the CDC told USA TODAY late Friday.

Cambodia questions Malaysia’s coronavirus diagnosis after Westerdam cruise ship passenger cleared

US woman, 83, has repeatedly tested negative for infection after earlier positive result. Cambodian PM Hun Sen declares that ‘justice is given to Cambodia and all the passengers on the ship’.

Court Questions Online Clothes Seller Over ‘Sexy’ Sales Videos

An online clothes seller was questioned in court and accused by police of committing pornography crimes on Thursday, after posting photos of herself in supposedly revealing attire on the same day that she was “educated” not to do so by authorities.

781 Westerdam cruise passengers test negative in Cambodia

The remaining group of passengers in Cambodia have no ‘health-related problems at all’, a government spokesperson said. Meanwhile, passengers who have been given the all-clear say they are struggling to get home, with many countries blocking their transit.

Cambodia’s Coronavirus Complacency May Exact a Global Toll

When Cambodia’s prime minister greeted passengers on a cruise ship amid a coronavirus scare on Valentine’s Day, embraces were the order of the day. Protective masks were not.

Coronavirus fears rise after Cambodia welcomes stranded cruise ship

After allowing a stranded cruise ship to dock in Cambodia last Thursday, Prime Minister Hun Sen greeted disembarking passengers with warm handshakes and red roses.

Coronavirus Infection Found After Cruise Ship Passengers Disperse

Amid assurances that the Westerdam was disease free, hundreds of people disembarked in Cambodia and headed for airports. One was later found to be infected.

100s of Children in Cambodia Work in Brick Factories, Report Finds

Hundreds of children work in Cambodian brick factories, according to a survey by labor groups. A government spokesman denied the report's findings.

Passengers finally begin leaving cruise ship in Cambodia

Hundreds of cruise ship passengers long stranded at sea by virus fears cheered as they finally disembarked Friday and were welcomed to Cambodia by the nation's authoritarian leader, who handed them flowers.

EU Hits Cambodia With Trade Sanctions Over Rights Breaches

Brussels aims tariffs on $1.1 billion of imports as of August. Move partially suspends European trade benefits for country.

EU to suspend some of Cambodia trade benefits over human rights

Cambodia is preparing for suspension of some its Everything But Arms trade privileges after opposition crackdown.

The day of judgment: Cambodia’s EBA fate fast approaches, but what happens next?

On February 12, the EU will hand down its long-awaited verdict regarding Cambodia’s access to the preferential trade scheme Everything But Arms, a decision that looks set to shape the Kingdom for years to come. But what happens next?

Cambodia faces losing EU trade preferences

Phnom Penh’s crackdown on political opposition prompts Brussels move.

Local NGOs, Lower Mekong Countries Raise Concerns Over Planned Dam in Luang Prabang

The groups added that the new project, along with existing hydropower dams, would affect the hydrology of the lower Mekong, especially the Tonle Sap Lake, which is critical to a large section of Cambodians.

Hun Sen’s lawyers will defend journalists in court

Journalists taken to court can receive legal representation from Prime Minister Hun Sen’s lawyers, the Information Ministry announced this week.

Cambodia to Be Hit Next Week by EU Trade-Sanctions Verdict

The European Union is poised to make good on a threat to impose trade sanctions against Cambodia as a result of alleged human-rights violations.

Kem Sokha Questioned About Meaning of Cambodians ‘Standing Up’

Opposition leader Kem Sokha was questioned in court on Wednesday about what he meant when he said during a 2013 speech in the U.S. that opposition gains made “Cambodian people stand up.”

Chinese military officials made secret visit to Cambodia weeks before mysterious drone crashed

A high-level delegation of Chinese military mapping experts visited a Cambodian naval base in December, three weeks before a huge Chinese surveillance drone crashed in the adjoining province, according to a leaked document obtained by the ABC.

As EU decision on tariffs looms, Cambodia garment industry gets nervous

Factories hit back at international brands' 'disappointing' criticism of human rights progress.

Asia’s tourist spots brace for leaner times as coronavirus keeps Chinese visitors at home

Tourists roaming around the ancient Cambodian temples at Angkor Wat are used to having to protect themselves. Usually, it's against the sun and the indefatigable hawkers.


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Environmental fears as new Mekong island carved out in Phnom Penh

A major land reclamation in the Mekong has forged ahead in what developers say will be the second Diamond Island. But while land filling elsewhere in the city has been met with unease, this mega-project has taken shape unbothered by current or controversy