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Teenager With Autism Sentenced to Prison Over Social Media Posts

A 16-year-old with autism has been jailed for criticizing the government in a Telegram group, in a case highlighting the rapid deterioration of free speech in Cambodia.

Cambodian court sentences autistic teenager for Telegram posts

A Cambodian court sentenced an autistic teenager to eight months in prison on Monday, with part of the term suspended, for sending Telegram messages that were deemed insulting to the government, his mother said.

Cambodia Must Change Course on Democracy to Avoid Myanmar’s International Isolation

ASEAN is testing the limits of its non-interference policy even as Cambodia takes up the ASEAN chair position.

U.S., rights groups condemn jailing of teenager in Cambodia over social media posts

The United States and human rights groups on Monday condemned the conviction of a Cambodian teenager who was sentenced to eight months in prison over messages he shared on Facebook and Telegram insulting ruling party officials.

Cambodia takes to global stage again

es will be scrutinised by strategists and political pundits around the world.

New ASEAN chair Cambodia to keep pressure on Myanmar junta

Cambodia, the incoming chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), will push Myanmar's military rulers to open dialogue with its opponents, its foreign minister said on Thursday.

Cambodia’s battle between democracy and discipline

The country's leaders were never attached to liberal ideals.

Former Aust MP acquitted in Cambodia

A Cambodian court has acquitted former Victorian politician Hong Lim of incitement but 14 others have been found guilty and sentenced to between 20 months and two years after calling for a jailed trade unionist to be freed.

Cambodia Tweaks Constitution to Block Dual Citizens From Top Posts

The move came barely three weeks after an erroneous newspaper report that Prime Minister Hun Sen had purchased Cypriot citizenship.

Cambodia’s leaders only allowed on nationality, some had acquired Cyprus passports

Following reports that the prime minister’s inner circle had acquired Cypriot passports, Cambodia’s parliament on Monday passed constitutional amendments barring holders of the country’s top posts, including prime minister, from being citizens of other countries.

Cambodia amends charter to bar dual citizens from top office

Lawmakers in Cambodia on Monday approved an amendment to the constitution barring Cambodians with dual citizenship from holding high government office, a move initiated by Prime Minister Hun Sen and directed at prominent opposition politicians.

Payne weighs in on human rights and rule of law in Cambodia

Australia’s commitment to ensuring Cambodia walks the path of a ‘free and fair democratic nation’ has been underscored by foreign minister Marise Payne, ahead of elections earmarked for next year.

Cambodia passes law barring dual citizenship for holders of top posts

Cambodia's parliament on Monday passed constitutional amendments barring holders of the country's top posts, including prime minister, from being citizens of other countries.

Cambodia 30 years on: time for Australia to act again

Cambodia’s journey has been a long and harrowing one. Before the signing of the Paris Peace Agreements 30 years ago today ,...

Why Cambodia’s Military History Is So Important for National Security

Cambodia’s military history is full of lessons on how (and when) to exercise restraint, patience, and boldness in defending national security.

Cambodia’s democratic dream in shreds 30 years after Paris accord

The historic agreement was forged in the spirit of post-Cold War optimism, but was tested almost immediately.

Cambodia ‘a sad tale’ 30 years after signing peace agreement

It’s 30 years this week since the signing of the Paris Peace Agreements, which were designed to bring peace, stability, human rights,...

Fake news legislation criminalizes activists

In Cambodia again, the ruling CPP faces renewed criticism over their use of defamation and incitement provisions to suppress any political opposition by activists, political leaders or human rights defenders.

Democracy languishes 30 years after Cambodian peace deal

Premier Hun Sen, now in his fourth decade in power, has led a sustained crackdown on dissent.

Dancing to Different Tunes: Cambodia’s False Peace

The Paris Peace Agreements did not end the war in Cambodia.


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