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Cambodian opposition leader urges court to drop treason charges

Cambodia’s opposition leader renewed a call to have treason charges against him dropped on Thursday, saying there was no evidence to prove that he had tried to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Why Cambodia’s right not to evacuate Wuhan despite coronavirus fears

While the rest of the world was clamouring to get their nationals out of Wuhan, Cambodia’s Hun Sen mulled a visit to the outbreak’s epicentre.

Kem Sokha Questioned About Meaning of Cambodians ‘Standing Up’

Opposition leader Kem Sokha was questioned in court on Wednesday about what he meant when he said during a 2013 speech in the U.S. that opposition gains made “Cambodian people stand up.”

Prosecution Uses Evidence From Controversial Facebook Account About Kem Sokha’s Daughters

“Even Hun Sen said if you want to have a fight do it individually. Do not involve families,” Kem Sokha said. “Please do not involve my family.”

Little Evidence Presented On Day 7 Of Kem Sokha’s Trial, Lawyers Continue to Bicker

Government lawyers tried to suggest that the event was clear evidence of the United States’ support for Kem Sokha and that it had funded his political career, in addition to his human rights NGO, CCHR.

Cambodia rebuffs sanction policy

Prime Minister Hun Sen said all his decisions have been for the good of his country and that the government never acted to please certain foreign powers.

Sokha says HRP formed to serve interests of Cambodians

The former president of the Supreme Court-dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party Kem Sokha said he formed the Human Rights Party (HRP) to serve the interests of Cambodian people, and not to conspire with foreign powers to overthrow the government as claimed in the case against him.

China and Cambodia: Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Hun Sen’s “special visit” to China was a high-profile show of support for Beijing’s handling of the outbreak.

Cambodia supports China with PM’s visit

The chartered flight of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen landed at the Beijing Capital International Airport on Wednesday, making him the first foreign leader to visit China during the country's nationwide fight against the deadly novel conoravirus.

Cambodian PM’s special China tour demonstrates unbreakable friendship: Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday met with Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Chinese premier meets Cambodian PM

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with visiting Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing Wednesday.

EU Confronts Make or Break Decisions for Vietnam and Cambodia

Two upcoming calls will help define the European Union’s ties with the Southeast Asian countries.

New Revelation of China-Cambodia Secret Visit Heightens Military Links Fears

On February 4, an Australian media outlet revealed new evidence of a previously undisclosed military visit between China and Cambodia that spotlighted defense links between them in areas such as military facilities and satellite navigation.

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’: Chinese President Xi Jinping hails Cambodia’s...

Chinese President Xi Jinping appreciated Cambodia's firm support to China's fight against the coronavirus epidemic, calling its Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen's visit a demonstration of the close tie and mutual trust between the two countries.

China declines Cambodia PM’s request to visit virus epicentre

China turned down a request from Cambodia's leader Hun Sen to visit the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus outbreak to comfort stranded Cambodian students as it could not "properly arrange" a trip to locked-down Wuhan city, state media said Wednesday.

PM Hun Sen plans to visit Cambodian students in Wuhan, seeks Chinese permission

Prime Minister Hun Sen intends to fly to the Chinese city of Wuhan on Wednesday (Feb 5) to visit Cambodian students stranded there.

Australia pressured by human rights advocates over Cambodia

A leading human rights group has urged the Morrison government to threaten Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen with trade barriers over its human rights record and a crackdown on the opposition.

Cambodia mulls 2 new embassies

Cambodia is considering setting up two more embassies in Africa and Latin America respectively to expand its diplomatic ties.

Foreign Power Threat Looms Over Kem Sokha Trial in Cambodia

The hearings have again spotlighted the ruling government’s obsession with threats from foreign powers and color revolutions.

Kem Sokha’s trial begins in Cambodia — Coda Follows Up

Human rights organizations have expressed concern that Sokha won’t receive a fair trial after the court announced there would be no room for journalists in the courtroom.


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