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How Cambodia’s agricultural lending can get a bigger bang for its buck

Agriculture remains an important sector in the developing world. In Cambodia, it is one of the top three economic sectors. But for a long time the sector has faced several critical barriers. One such barrier is the gap between farmers and financial support, and the failure of the Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (ARDB) grant-credit program to bridge it.

Survey shows China as best international partner for Cambodia; 588 new Covid-19 cases and...

China is viewed as Cambodia's best international partner in fields including foreign diplomacy, economy, trade and infrastructure, a recent survey showed.

Cambodia to hold twice-postponed ASEM summit in November

Cambodia will host the 13th Asia-Europe Meeting on Nov. 25 and 26 in Phnom Penh, after the gathering was postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

Is Cambodia’s Exclusive Dependence on China Inevitable?

The most practical course for a small country is to cultivate as many friends and partners as possible.

Trade Holds the Key to the Renewal of US-Cambodia Ties

Longstanding differences aside, the U.S. and Cambodia both have good reasons to strengthen their trade relationship.

Amid Chinese Push, US Official to Visit Three Southeast Asian Nations

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is scheduled to visit Jakarta, Bangkok, and Phnom Penh.

Cambodia Sets Up Working Group to Scrutinize Granting of Honorific Title

The ‘oknha’ title encapsulates the tight political pact between the ruling CPP and the Cambodian business community.

Key Cambodian Opposition Figure Defects From Banned CNRP

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s strategy for fracturing the opposition is slowly bearing fruit.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen: ‘If I don’t rely on China, who will I rely on?’

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen has defended his close relationship with China, pointing to Beijing's large injections of financial support to his small nation.

US gives $11m to Cambodia’s vaccination program

Funding will to used to buy Covid vaccinations through Covax as more doses are sourced from China

Hun Sen’s Mistake? The Domestic Political Ramifications Of His Chinese Shelter – Analysis

China did not coerce Cambodia into joining its fold, as former US Assistant Secretary of State David Stilwell has suggested. Rather, Hun Sen chose China, which in turn found Cambodia useful.

Cambodia Opposition Leader Charged Over COVID-19 Lockdown Comments

The charge against Sam Rainsy comes amid controversy over the severity of the lockdown around the capital Phnom Penh.

Arrest warrant for exiled Cambodian opposition leader

Judge says Sam Rainsy violated lockdown laws by calling for a revolt from France

Autistic son of jailed Cambodian opposition member attacked

The 30th attack on CNRP members and their families leaves 16-year-old Kak Sovannachey with a fractured skull.

Cambodian PM to attend Asean summit in Indonesia this week

Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen said on Wednesday (April 21) that he will take part in an Asean leaders' meeting in Indonesia on Saturday.

Cambodia COVID-19 Drive Rests on Elite Charity Networks

The Cambodian government is presenting COVID-19 relief packages as a gift from the wealthy and well-connected.

Cambodia accused of using Covid to edge towards ‘totalitarian dictatorship’

New law means people could face 20 years in prison for lockdown breaches, as campaigners warn of ‘human rights disaster’.

Would Access to Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base Really Benefit China?

Gaining access to a Cambodian naval facility would give China’s navy little discernible strategic advantage.

Cambodia’s strongman is trying opposition politicians en masse

But one lucky critic seems to be getting gentler treatment.

Cambodia prioritises economic diplomacy

Since the turn of the century, ‘economic pragmatism’ — the alignment of foreign policy with economic development interests — has shaped Cambodia’s foreign engagement.


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